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The Express Clydesdales
of Express Employment Professionals

Serving as ambassadors for Express Employment Professionals, these rare black and white Clydesdales weigh between 1,800 and 2,300 lbs. each. Looming over other horse breeds, Clydesdales mature to an average height of 17 to 19 hands, which is about six feet from the ground to the horse's shoulder.

The world-renowned Express Clydesdales have been competing and touring in North America since 1999 and continue to win numerous competitions, including:

     Calgary Stampede – Calgary, Alberta
         Champion Clydesdale Gelding
         1st Clydesdale Ladies Cart
         1st Youth Cart
         1st Youth Team
         1st Clydesdale Team
         1st Clydesdale 6-Horse Hitch

     Royal Winter Fair – Toronto, Ontario
         1st Clydesdale Ladies Cart
         1st Clydesdale Team
         1st Clydesdale 4-Horse Hitch
         1st Clydesdale 6-Horse Hitch

     National Western Stock Show – Denver, CO
         Reserve Champion 8-Horse Hitch
         1st Mare Cart (All Breeds)

     Oklahoma State Fair – OKC, OK
         1st Ladies Cart (All Breeds)
         1st Unicorn (All Breeds)

     North American Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series
         High-Point Clydesdale Hitch 


  • 1st Place, Team Hitch, Unicorn Hitch, Ladies Cart, Four-Horse Hitch, Six-Horse Hitch, Calgary Stampede, World Champion Competition, Calgary Alberta, 2015
  • Best in Show, Supreme Champion Clydesdale, Calgary Stampede, World Champion Competition, Calgary Alberta, 2015
  • 1st Place, Men's cart, Team Hitch, Unicorn Hitch, Four-Horse Hitch, Six-Horse Hitch, The Elite Six-Horse Hitch, Wisconsin State Fair, Milwaukee, WI 2014
  • 1st Place, Team Hitch, Unicorn Hitch, National Clydesdale Show, 2014

The Express Clydesdales also help raise money for charitable organizations like Children's Miracle Network hospitals. Making an impact wherever they go, the Clydesdales have been a part of numerous nationally recognized parades and events, including:

The Express Clydesdale's home is a specially reconstructed barn orginally built in 1936, located on the historic Chisholm Trail in Yukon, Okla. The barn is a welcome center for visitors from around the world. Guests can stop by Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. 

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